Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Crossing: An Easy Quilt Tutorial

Made on my BabyLock Symphony

I've been wanting to use my Chicopee fabric for a while, but I couldn't decide on a pattern.  I saw something similar (almost exactly) to this quilt on Pintrest by HoosierToni and knew immediately I wanted to make it!  It had the added benefit of being easy! :)  This quilt is a 5x6 layout and is 67.5"x81" finished.

Each cross requires roughly a fat eighth (9"x21") of fabric.  If you have fat quarters, you can make 2 crosses per fat quarter.  For this quilt, I made 30 crosses so you will need 30 FEs or 15 FQs plus 1.75 yards of solid.  I'd get 2 yards of solid to be safe!  

Cutting for EACH print if using 30 FEs:
Cut one strip 5"x21" then sub cut into (4) 5" squares
Cut one strip 2.75"x21" then sub cut into (4) 2.75"x5" rectangles


Cutting for EACH print if using 15 FQs:
Cut 2 strips 5"x21" then sub cut into (8) 5" squares
Cut 2 strips 2.75"x21" then sub cut into (8) 2.75"x5" rectangles

Cutting for Solid:
Cut (4) 5" x WOF strips then sub cut into (30) 5" squares
Cut (8) 5" x WOF strips then sub cut into 120 2.75"x5" rectangles

For each block you will need 4 print squares, 1 solid square, 4 print rectangles, and 4 solid rectangles.

Sew each print rectangle to a solid rectangle along the 5" side.  Press seams open.

Create each block as shown below.  Block is 14" unfinished. 


Enjoy!  Happy sewing!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Quiltmaker Magazine Giveaway!

I'm so happy Babylock and Quiltmaker asked me to be a part of the latest issue of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine!!!  In addition to my own little giveaway here, Quiltmaker is having a fantastic blog hop and giveaway to celebrate so be sure to check out all the fabulous designers and great prizes from each of the 60 designers blogs plus some sponsor blogs all week long, with two giant prize package giveaway on Friday! 

This is my block, Squared!!!  Isn't it cute????  I love rainbows and squares so I put my two favorite things together to come up with this!  Oh, and if you really want to see something embarrassing  check out my video for Quiltmaker HERE

 For a chance to win a free copy of the latest 100 Blocks magazine just leave me a little comment here!  Maybe tell me your favorite pattern, favorite workout song, or something to make me laugh.  :)  It's up to you!  I'll leave comments open until 8am CST on Friday, November 15 then randomly select a winner.

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