Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy, Busy Bee

So I opened a BIG can of worms by posting some apparently hard to find fabric on my Flickr account.  Then I made matters even nuttier by letting the world know I got it 30% off.  A slew of email ensued and I ended up clearing out most of my LQS supply.   I would have gladly given out the store's phone number, but the owners were giving me the discount because I'm in there all the time and I hounded them that the line was old and should be on sale.  HA!  I figured it never hurts to put some good out in the world, so for that day, I took orders and only charged people exactly what it cost me to purchase and ship the beloved Neptune by Tula Pink.  I have a FEW extra goodies that I'm trying out on eBay, but really, I just want them to go to a loving fabric-o-holic.  This sewing community has been so kind to me and I've benefited greatly from all the wonderful blogs out there, in some small way I could give back to a few of them in their currency of choice, FABRIC!  My LQS does have more of this line on the bolt and one honeybun left, but I'll wait a bit before clearing that out.  There is no more of the dark blue you crazy Neptune fans, so don't ask! I'm doing a massive Neptune swap (I only did a few swaps with the Neptune, most were purchases) with Jenny.  She's getting 12 CareBears, 11 FQS and half a Layer Cake!  I can't wait to see her daughter's face!  She's promised to post pictures when she opens the box full of bears.

I'm almost there on my Nicey Jane quilt!  I've  basted it and will probably finish quilting it tonight.  I think I'm going to straight-line quilt this, but more free-form.  I did this recently with a table runner and I really liked the results.  I'm very pleased with the linen here--thanks Beth!  Go check out her adorable baby stuff!  She's having a sale today!!!!  Also, remember I had about 6 extra squares left from this Nicey Jane quilt and I wasn't sure what to do with them?  Funny enough, an acquaintance from high school messaged me on Facebook to ask me to make her a quilt for her baby girl due in July.  Nothing too big and her room colors were pink and green. HELLO!  It was meant to be!  I love that this will require very little work on my part since the squares are already done.  I'm going to back it with white chenille and poof!  Instant baby quilt!  On a personal sewing note, I'm really going to try to do more of my own work.  That well-loved mini quilt was a big eye opener!  I've done a few other things on my own (a bee block, a table runner, a pillow, etc) and they seem to get the most praise.  I guess being so new, I'm nervous.  I don't want to mess up.  I don't want to ruin my beautiful fabric! :)  However, I'm certainly going to be making more of my own designs in the future!  I can always buy more fabric, right?

In kiddo news, for all the grandma's out there, my oldest is sick with a sore throat and cough, but he still finds energy enough to amuse himself with a cardboard box!  I pushed him all over the house in this thing.  What is it with kids and cardboard boxes?  It's like the universal toy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ok, so no one really reads my blog (hi mom!), but I'm totally geeking out about the love I'm getting from Flickr today!  Not only did two, count them TWO, of my favorite bloggers email me--about fabric, what else?--but Tula Pink Twittered about my mini quilt (pics in an earlier post)!  EEEEEK!  I'm so stinkin' excited.  This means very little to anyone else I know, but I'm truly having a great day!  Now I have to run because I'm taking fabric orders for everyone and their brother for Neptune, which apparently is hard to come by except in my little po-dunk town!

Ah!  One of my favorite bloggers added one of my photos as a fav on Flickr!  Gosh, I'm really a dork.  (Sigh).  It really stinks that I'm having such a great day and Chad isn't here to share in my happy sewing glow!  I'm sure he'd just roll his eyes, but he'd be happy I'm happy.  Right Chad?  I did get to instant message him my cool news--he had a hard day of ping-pong, reading, and movies in the desert.  :)  Anywho!  Back to doing my happy dance........

UPDATE:  Tula Pink herself commented on my mini quilt!  YIPPEE!

Three-year-old quote for the day:  While driving to the park we see two Air Force jets flying in tandem.  Roarke says "Look, Mama!  Two jet planes.  A big one and a tiny one (from his pespective).  [long pause as they fly over]  That was some good flying!"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lattice progress

So I finished sewing all my blocks and I have 6 extra (in addition to the 4 that go on the back). I can't decide whether to add them to to the front, the back, or save them for something else entirely. Decisions, decisions!  I've finished sewing the rows, but I still have to sew all the rows together.  I'm liking the linen with this.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

You All Might Hate Me.......

but I won ANOTHER giveaway!  This is the 4th one from SMS giveaway day!  I won a reusable tote AND resuable tote kit fom  Neato!  Someone will be receiving a tote made by me with some yummy organic fabric.  Who will the lucky person be?

Same Bowl, Different Dinner

Well, I had every intention of making baby burgers tonight, but, alas, I forgot to get the meat.  So it's peanut noodles with veggies and chicken.  Roarke graciously helped out again and I got the pleasure of watching him scarf down raw carrots and zucchini with whole grain pasta and chicken. 

While Roarke was napping, I had an impromptu photo shoot with Cian.  He just loves the camera!

I'm in the process of sewing my now cut-up Nicey Jane together.  It looks like I'll have extra blocks since the pattern doesn't use them all, but that's really good since I had a cutting accident and some of my cut strips are a little smaller than required (the ones off to the left side in the picture).  Additionally, I think I'm going to take a risk (yeah, I know, not much of one) and use the darker linen for the solid in this quilt.  If I hate it, I'll just have another quilt giveaway--for my Flickr friends, I'm giving away a quilt to one of my facebook friends.  How many quilts does one person need?  Especially when that person lives in Florida!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vegetables and Crust

 I've found my 3-year-old eats MUCH better if I let him help prepare the food, so I asked what he wanted for dinner tonight and he said "vegetables and crust." This is code speak for panzanella salad (an Italian bread and veggie salad). My hubby hates this, but I love it and apparently so do 3 year-old boys. We had a blast cutting up everything and taking pictures.

On the sewing side, I've sewn my strips of Nicey Jane together for my 9-patch a-la-OhFransson--now I have to cut them up.....only to sew them back together. Still undecided on the solid color for this one. I was thinking one of the linen blends you see in the pic, but I might chicken out and go with white. We'll see....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Look at me! I'm blogging!

Ok, ok, so I've broken down and started blogging. I don't know how long this will last, but I've enjoyed reading all the cute sewing/crafty blogs out there I figured I would jump on in. I've made some amazing Flickr friends so I hope the blogging world will be as kind. Not much to report today. I took my oldest to the end of the year party for his pre-school and he had a blast.

Hopefully I'll start cutting into one of my many quilt projects I have lined up later today.......if only I could pick one! Oh! I get to post a pic of my mini-quilt for May's S.T.U.D. swap (from Flickr) since no one knows I blog yet! I mailed it out today, but I love it so much. The theme was "Wish You Were Here" and since I live in FL I went with a ocean theme. I've never made a mini before so it was an experience. I still don't quite have the hang of corners on binding, but I'm a newbie so it's ok. And, drumroll please, I won 2, count them 2! giveaways in the SewMamaSew giveaway day. How freaking cool is that! I won 2 quilt patterns from Michele at and 2 fat quarters from Erica at Thanks ladies!

Update: I just won a THIRD giveaway! I won a book and a yummy, yummy scrap pack from Hawthorne Thread from Nicole at WOW!

3-year-old quote for the day: "Mama, my tummy hurts. I think it's a baby."

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