Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stash Fabrics Kona Blog Hop and Fleur Pattern!

I was so excited when Beth of Stash Fabrics asked me to participate in her Kona blog hop (read to the end for a coupon code and information on my giveaway)!  She asked me to choose my favorite 12-15 Kona colors for my very own bundle......I sorta chose 21 colors instead!  Ooops!  Sweet lady that she is, Beth went along with my pull!  Did you know she carries ALL KONA COLORS?!?!?!?  Yeah, me either!  Anywho!  I decided to use my (totally awesome) bundle to create a new pattern for Hearts and Bees called Fleur!

I am so in love with this quilt!!!!  I dragged it all over town trying to find the best shot!  People must have thought I was nuts!  This one was taken at the Civil War Battlegrounds in Franklin TN!  I stole a tourist to help hold the quilt! 

I pulled over on the side of the road to use these ratty old stairs that lead to some utility building.  I'm so classy! ha! ha! ha! You can really see the stellar quilting Crinkle Love did for us here!  

I absconded a jogger along the Harpeth River for this one!  Gotta love the South--you can ask perfect strangers to do weird things and they're totally agreeable!  

Like most of our patterns, there are two versions!  This is Ali's interpretation of Fleur!  I love it in Bonnie and Camille fabrics, but......

I am IN LOVE with this mocked up version she made with Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley!  Oh!  It also comes with the paper pieced mini versions of both patterns!  Yeah, we're cool like that! 

So, don't forget to check out the other killer bundles along the blog hop and get 10% off your Stash Fabrics purchase with the code WOW303 through September 6th.  You know you want my awesome bundle!  Also, there is a great new Kona Club Stash Fabrics is starting soon to help build your stash!  If you sign up before September 1st you get a free color card!

July 17 – Darcy @ Modern Cozy
July 23 – Jacey  @ Jacey Craft
July 30 - Kelly @ Kelby Sews
August 3 – Nancy @ Owen’s Olivia
August 6 – Jodi @ Tales of Cloth
August 10 – Megan @ City Stitches
August 12 – Rita @ Red Pepper Quilts
August 17 – Elizabeth @ Andpins Handmade
August 19 – Tara @ Rad and Happy
August 21 – Sharon @ Color Girl Quilts
August 24 – Allison @ Allison Sews
August 27 – Kristi @ Schnitzel and Boo
August 31 - Jessee @ Art School Dropout

I will be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram account for 2 mini charm packs of my Stash Fabrics Kona bundle and a free copy of Fleur!  Just find me @kelbysews on Instagram to enter (the post will go up around noon CST on 7/30)

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