Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'm trying to get my act together and prepare for Sewing Summit!  I've done most of the prep work for the classes I'm teaching--whew!  Oh, and in case you're late to the party, I am teaching a 3rd metal frames class at Sewing Summit (see my previous blog post for details).  I still have a few spots open!

I've got half my fabric cut to make my own duffel!  I have done this pattern before so it's going pretty smoothly.  FYI, if you don't have bag experience, I wouldn't recommend the Simplicity version (not a lot of detail in the instructions).  I think  Cherie (Studio Cherie on etsy) provides better instructions if you buy the patter directly from her.  Just a heads up!

I got my fabric that I'm using for my Sewing Summit lounge pants class!  Mmmmmm, organic Laurie Wisburn! So soft!

I also made this Mendocino bunting for a bunting swap at Sewing Summit!  I think this one might spark a few fights!  Hopefully I can snag a good one myself! 

8 blocks down, 10 to go for my @heyporkchop Modern Maple!
I'm also making some progress on my Modern Maples quilt for fall.  I didn't really have time to start this project, but my enthusiasm for it is pushing me to finish things I HAVE to finish this quilt for a silent auction at my son's school

Completed quilt for silent auction! #tennessee #titans
I promise myself I can work on my Modern Maples if I complete at least two other tasks on my *must do* list.  So far it's working! 

On a totally unrelated note,  I have a charm pack of a hard to find collection and I'm dying to make something with it!  Anyone have a favorite charm pack pattern?  I'd rather add a lot of solid color fabric and make something lap size, but I'm lacking inspiration right now! Help!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Third Time's the Charm!

I thought the only thing that could compete with my Liberty pouches was Marimekko!

I will be teaching a THIRD metal frames pouch class at Sewing Summit on Saturday, October 13th from 115-315!!!!!!  There are a couple of important things to know about this extra hands-on class:

1.  This is an unofficial Sewing Summit class.  You must email me at to claim your spot.  I will email you back to let you know you're in.  Once you are officially in my class, you MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST unregister for any class you have on Saturday, October 13th from 115-315.  This is essential!   

2. It will be limited to 40 students

3.  It will cost $4--given to me at class time--for a frame.  I will have enough frames for everyone to purchase one at the time of class.  Even if you do not get into any of my classes, there will still be frames available for purchase at Sewing Summit so you can learn from me or someone else during open sew times!

4.  You need to bring glue, or share glue with someone.  I will have the left over tubes from the morning class, but there is no guarantee there will be enough for everyone.  One tube of the Gutterman glue I recommend will make at least 5 pouches, so feel free to share!

5.  Bring a FQ worth of batting OR fusible fleece to class.  I'm unsure whether there will be left overs from the previous two classes, so to be safe, you may want to make sure and have a scrap on hand.  There will be plenty of batting floating around at SS so I'm sure you can scrounge up a scrap when you get there.

6.  Winn at While Baby Naps on Etsy has sweetly given us a 20% coupon code for supplies in her shop until October 13th (code can be seen on the Sewing Summit Google Group page only).  You can buy all sort of sizes and style frames as well as the Gutterman glue from her site.  If you are international, I would suggest asking an American Sewing Summit friend to be your mailing address so that you will be certain to have your order in time for Sewing Summit.  She ships very quickly!  Again, I will have frames for you to purchase at class time, but this is a great opportunity to stock up on supplies at a fabulous price!

7.  We will only have a few sewing machines!  I hope to have around 4 machines in the class for us to use.  This means we have to share, however, this class time is 45 minutes longer than my other two classes so we should be good!  If anyone doesn't finish and still wants help, please just corner me during the open sew times and I'll help you out!

8.  Please keep in mind that I gave up one of the classes I wanted to take in order to teach a third metal frames class.  I do NOT want to hear any complaints about how I'm handling the signups.  It is at my discretion who gets into this class, so don't piss me off! :)   I would love for everyone who wants to learn to get in, but I must cap the class at 40.  I will post on the Google Group discussion when the class is full.  

So, if you want in, email me at  I will email you back to let you know you're in!  If more than 40 people email me, I will start a wait list based on who was first.
I hope this helps those of you who were unable to get into a hand-on class!  I'm so thrilled to be teaching at Sewing Summit and I can't wait to meet you all!

UPDATE: I'm over half full already!  Be sure to tell any friends you have coming to Summit so they don't miss out on a chance to take another hands-on class!

Friday, September 21, 2012

More Life Through Instagram

This is the past week in a nutshell.  Stay tuned for a prize at the end!

I'm making more pouches for my Sewing Summit classes
Extra large @Lib_Lifestyle pouch for @sewingsummit sample #sewingsummit

Working on custom orders.  Quilts, pillows, and crib skirts, oh my!
Custom order twin quilts complete!
Custom quilts and pillows for twins complete!
Olivia my dear, you crib skirt is now complete!
Mr.Carter, your crib skirt is now complete too!  Whew! I can finally cross this order off my check list!

Ordered some more Liberty
Thank you @sewmamasew for shipping my @Lib_Lifestyle so fast!!!

Received an amazing swap package
OMG!!!! it's here!!! @insidethepaperbox THANK YOU!!!!! Love love love!
Eeeeeek! Most amazing coasters by @insidethepaperbox
I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!!!! Jessie, this is outstanding!!!! @insidethepaperbox
New entry way art!!!!! @insidethepaperbox

Trying to find time to make a bag
It's happening for @sewingsummit  I'm trying to take deep breaths and force myself to cut my @annamariahorner

Got some great deals at JoAnns
I love 50%off JoAnns coupons! I've been meaning to get a larger cutting mat forever!

Laughing at my kid and my dog singing
Barley loves to sing while Cian plays the harmonica!

And if you made it through all that you deserve a prize.  Use the code SUMMIT20 for 20% off the pouches and patterns I have listed in my etsy shop!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Teacher Prep

I've been working, working, working on samples for my upcoming Sewing Summit class!  It's been fun to make new patterns and try a few new methods!  I'm teaching two official classes and I'm working out the details for a third, after hours class for those who didn't make it into my class after the registration frenzy! Here's a little peek at what I've made so far.  Two of these have already sold over Instagram--those ladies are lightening fast!

Pouch samples for @sewingsummit so far! I have a few more to make!

I thought the only thing that could compete with my Liberty pouches was Marimekko!

Teeny tiny Liberty pouch sample for my @sewingsummit class!

Liberty pouch #2 for @sewingsummit complete!

Finished Liberty pouch 1! A little grey linen and @annamariahorner voile to complete it!

Well, I'm off to make a few more samples!  I'm still experimenting with the best size/style.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So, In Case You Haven't Heard....

I'm teaching at Sewing Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?  Eeeeeek!  My friend, Michelle, had to drop out of teaching because she got a great new job, but can't get the time off!  boo!  hiss!  I was super bummed she won't be able to make it, but I'm thrilled that the powers-that-be at Sewing Summit asked me to fill in for her!  Want to know what I'll be teaching?  How to make these:

Feeling waspish!

Practice pouch

Front side of P{l}P

I'll be taking you through how to draw your own template and how to take a deep breath as you put permanent glue near your precious fabric! :)  ha!  I can't wait!  I hope to see many of you there and hopefully meet you in my class!

Registration for classes starts tomorrow and I know many of you are anxious about getting into certain classes that have very limited space (like mine).  Here are some points to remember:

  1. What will be will be.  No use stressing over things beyond your control.
  2. The organizers of SS have been working very hard to make this event as successful, fun, and fair as possible, lets not stress them out more by complaining
  3. All of the teachers will be there the whole weekend so if you don't get into their class--feel free to corner them and ask your questions! Well, maybe I should only speak for myself here. :)  I don't mind holding an impromptu class for anyone who wants to learn!
  4. Sewing Summit is about having fun with a group of people who share a love of sewing (and fabric!)  Try to keep a positive attitude.  The weekend will be a blast no matter what you take, pinky promise!
  5. If all else fails, have a cocktail! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Giveaway Winners

I can't thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and participation in the My Precious QAL!  There have been some amazing projects--even if a few tears had to be shed in the process!  I hope you all have gained some courage to sew with your hoarded stash more often!  Now, on to the winners!

Winner of Quilting Modern is: #13 Tiffany of This Crafty Fox who made this super sweet Soiree quilt!
Pinky Soiree is finally done!

Winner of $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop is: #21 Jenny of Cut, Sew, Iron, Repeat who made this truly magical Alexander Henry quilt!!!!
My Alexander Henry 'precious' quilt top

Winner of Katie's stack of precious charms: #36 Ellen who has made some unbelievable blocks out of her precious Lush fabric!  I'm really jealous of this quilt!  If you need a home for any scraps, Ellen, I'm your gal! :) This block is my fav:
1st Lush Block

Winner of a yard of HR yellow dogs donated by Katie is: #23 Cathy of Blueberry Patch who made this adorable Heather Ross needle book!

Winner of Sarah's fabric and pattern is: #40 Jenny who made this coasters that would go perfectly in my living room! ha ha!

Congratulations ladies!  I'll be contacting you to get your info so your prizes can be sent out!  Thanks again for making my first QAL so much fun!!!
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