Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Quick Hexie Video

I've had many friends tell me about the Sewline glue pen for a while, but I stubbornly kept hand basting my hexies.  I finally caved and gave it a try.  Ummmmm, I feel really stupid I didn't do this sooner!  While I use the Sewline pen, others have said Elmers and other cheaper options are out there.  Personally, I like the small pen shape of the Sewline and I know it's safe for my fabric, but feel free to experiment.  No one is paying me to promote a certain brand, I'm just sharing my experience. Here's a quick little video of how it works!

I'm currently making two hexie projects, but the one I'm most excited about are these large (2" per side) hexies that take a charm size square to make.  I'm using almost every print Anna Maria Horner has ever produced!  I've almost finished with the hexie part--last count was 260!--but now I have to start on the tedious triangle making.  Boo for boring!
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