Monday, March 21, 2016

Friends of the Hour Basket

 I finally managed to create the extended version of my popular Hour Basket pattern!  The new pattern, called Friends of the Hour Basket, contains EIGHT basket options including the original size, a bucket style, and a tote bag!  Named after 7 of my sewing friends, come meet everyone!  You can purchase the pattern HERE.

The Darci: The largest basket size, it can hold two rolled, large lap quilts!

The Ali: a step up from the original Hour Basket, the Ali gives additional height as well as depth.  Shown here, it can store your layer cakes!

The Kelly: the original size Hour Basket

The Angela: while the same height as the original basket, this more bucket-shaped basket is perfect for Easter or Halloween!  Pattern includes dimensions and instructions for attaching a single handle.

The Elena: like the Kelly's petite friend.  This basket can hold a fat quarter bundle, but isn't meant for huge storage.

The Melanie: perfect for charm packs, scraps, or a thread catcher.

The Tracey: binding clips, sewing machine feet, and emergency chocolate will fit in the smallest basket

The Amanda: quick and easy tote for library books, groceries, or fabric (of course!)

Six of the baskets can even form a great set of nesting baskets!

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