Monday, March 21, 2016

Friends of the Hour Basket

 I finally managed to create the extended version of my popular Hour Basket pattern!  The new pattern, called Friends of the Hour Basket, contains EIGHT basket options including the original size, a bucket style, and a tote bag!  Named after 7 of my sewing friends, come meet everyone!  You can purchase the pattern HERE.

The Darci: The largest basket size, it can hold two rolled, large lap quilts!

The Ali: a step up from the original Hour Basket, the Ali gives additional height as well as depth.  Shown here, it can store your layer cakes!

The Kelly: the original size Hour Basket

The Angela: while the same height as the original basket, this more bucket-shaped basket is perfect for Easter or Halloween!  Pattern includes dimensions and instructions for attaching a single handle.

The Elena: like the Kelly's petite friend.  This basket can hold a fat quarter bundle, but isn't meant for huge storage.

The Melanie: perfect for charm packs, scraps, or a thread catcher.

The Tracey: binding clips, sewing machine feet, and emergency chocolate will fit in the smallest basket

The Amanda: quick and easy tote for library books, groceries, or fabric (of course!)

Six of the baskets can even form a great set of nesting baskets!


Susan said...

All cute makes and fun that you named them after your friends! I bet they are are honoured by your gesture!

RosieCallaghan said...

Oh yay!! Been waiting for this. Will purchase as soon as I get off work. Thank you x

Sue said...

Thank you for such wonderful basket patterns.
I have already purchased your pattern for all of these and plan on making Ali first to hold my layer cakes :-D

Jack said...

Patterns are so bold! Angela is by far my favourite! Can not get over such beautiful baskets! Sharing this with my mother so she can make me them, too! Ha ha!

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NormanRClemmer said...

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