Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Proud QAL Mama!

I'm so so so proud of you guys!  All 179 of you!  Look at some of the great things members of the My Precious QAL are cranking out:

Mrs Roy G Biv Sections 10 & 11 together

I love bikes quilt

Hearts aflutter & sweet hearts strip quilt

My Precious QAL - Nani Iro Grand Designs WIP

My Precious QAL - Mendocino/HR Zig Zag WIP

Lots of you are pulling fabrics and starting the scary process of cutting.  I know it's hard, but it's worth it!

I've had a few questions about "does this fabric count?" or if it's too late to join.  The answer to that is that any fabric that isn't brand new counts.  My requirement is that it is something you've been hoarding or reluctant to use.  Please don't submit any old project just to enter the giveaways.  I want this QAL to push you to cut and use things you normally wouldn't.  If you're not a hoarder or reluctant to use any of your fabric, this isn't the QAL for you.  I'm not trying to exclude anyone, I just want everyone participating to understand the spirit of the group.  You can join any time.  The blog post with the button to link up your project for the month will go up close to the 15th and will be left open for a few days.  I will post details on the group page too once the blog post is up.

For any of you looking to hoard some Echo, my friend Tracey has two FQ bundles of the entire Echo line for sale!


Katy Cameron said...

I just ordered all the backing fabric for my 2 Prince Charming Quilts. At nearly £100 ($155) I REALLY hope this works like I'm envisaging it!!! Oh yeah, because nutter that I am, I'm making up my own pattern, 'cos, you know, it would be too easy to use someone else's...

Anonymous said...

I'm still pressing circles, pressing circles, pressing circles... And I've got plans to finally cut either my KJR or my Habitat, or my Bikes in the next round!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Only the brave eh! x

Angela said...

the great thing about this QAL is how delicious and different each project is. I love hearing what fabric is precious to people. It's not all what I expected!

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