Friday, April 13, 2012

This Train is Slowing

What's teal and white and me all over? My new bag! Pattern testing for Michelle!
As much as I'd love to show you a bunch of completed projects day after day, this train has to slow down!  I'm moving in two weeks.  Yikes!  So the blog may be a bit quiet here soon, but I'll still be checking in regularly on Flickr!  I'm going on a little girls-only vacation next weekend with a few quilting friends--you may have heard of them: Kaelin, Ali, Cherie, and Cara!  We're camping out in my empty house in Tennessee.  We're going to christen it with lots of new fabric after we explore the local stores--did you know Leah from Burgundy Buttons lives there?  Oh yeah!  I made this bag for my trip!  I was actually pattern testing for Michelle .  Check out the bags you'll be able to make with this pattern:

Out for testing!
Hello!  Fabulous!  The pattern will be available for sale really soon.  Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!

Pattern testing take 2!!!
I made this one too because it went so quickly!

New quilt top done!
I finally cut into my Recess layer cake and made this quilt top!  No more precious Recess!  The pattern is from Cluck Cluck Sew called Easy Bake.  I forgot there were only 40 pieces in that layer cake so instead of a 6x7 layout I had planned, I had to go with 6x6.  Yes, I could have done 5x8, but I don't like narrow quilts.  I'm not narrow so why would I make a narrow quilt? :)  I had thought about keeping this one, but my oldest kid told me it looked "crazy nuts" so I guess it will go in the shop when it's done.  I can make a matching pillow with my 4 left over blocks too!  I was thinking of making a custom appliquéd pillow for whoever bought the quilt.  The blocks that are left are the light colored ones so a bright red or navy monogram would look super cute. Ok, just thinking out loud there.

I hope you all are making progress on your precious QAL items!  Check out Darci's pillow
Under the sea pillow

And Michelle's blocks:
My Precious QAL - WIP

Tanya's block
Labyrinth Block #2 - My Precious QAL

and I know we're all drooling over Amy's quilt!
Sewing with my gems.


Emily said...

Those bags are beyond fabulous!! I'll have to keep my eye out for that pattern!

Anonymous said...

I want that first bag SO much that I might actually be forced to buy the same fabric and copyKat.
Have a FAB girlcation!!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Your bags are awesome!
(Does that sound wrong?!) x

Katy Cameron said...

Train slowing down? Surely not, the husband and kids are there to pack, right? ;o) Have fun on your girls weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks awesome! And I think it must be a boy thing. My roommate thinks all American Jane looks crazy nuts. I must have several quilts I've made from the FQB I had. Enjoy it and snuggle with it!!

Katie B said...

I love that you say you're slowing down and then show two bags and a quilt top you've made. :)

Good luck with the move!

Tennjenny said...

Can't wait to hear what you thought about Stitcher's Garden. :-)

Darcy said...

THAT will be a fun weekend - try not to get TOO crazy in the new house! Saw Ali's bag on Thursday and now after seeing yours I am even MORE ready for Michelle to release that pattern!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing those Kelly! They look amazing!!

I'm sooo upset I can be there next weekend :-(. I hope y'all have fun!!

Angela said...

You are on the fast track Kelly ;)

Kristie said...

Love your bags, so wish I was hanging with you girls next weekend!

**nicke... said...

cute bags! (that sounds a little dirty...) i really love that bag though and i can't wait for the pattern to be out. i want it! your recess quilt top is so great! i think it looks crazy great!

kris said...

so cute!! what is the cute typewriter print from that I keep seeing? PS, this is my first visit to your blog and I am excited to join the QAL.

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